Off we went to Logan, the Boston airport. Hectic with spring break travelers, they cleverly did not have the TSA pre-check line open. We still managed to get through with enough time for a celebratory glass of wine prior to boarding. The flight to Amsterdam was uneventful, but gave me time to watch a few good movies. But getting off the plane was slow and walking almost 3/4 of a mile to get through the long, snaking, passport control line had us a mite worried about making our connecting flight, but happily we managed.

And now we’re in Rome! The taxi ride from the airport went easily but made me very happy that I’m not driving here. It was lightly raining on the drive into the city, but proceeded to rain heavier and heavier as time went on. We dropped our bags at the hotel, donned our rain jackets and ventured out. I’m quickly realizing that my new Goretex jacket was a good investment.

We soon popped into a tiny cafe to give Silas a snack and Jayne and I a coffee. Back in the rain we headed to the Trevi Fountain. Fortunately while there we had a break in the rain. One of the first things we saw was a marriage proposal! We all dug out coins and made wishes as we threw them into the fountain.

And next stop was to the Vodafone shop to buy SIM cards for our phones. We’re lost these days without Google maps and all the online info.

Lunch was next as we were not only hungry but getting progressively wetter. Meatballs for Silas and focaccia for us. Dodging rivers of rain water washing down the streets and sidewalks, with Silas getting his shoes and socks totally soaked.

Not far off was an odd attraction that my friend Maggie thought might intrigue Silas – Santa Maria della Concezione – the Capuchin Crypt. First you walk through the museum regarding the friends. But then you enter the crypt where you walk past 6 rooms decorated in the bones of 3,700 friends! Totally macabre. If you could overlook the skulls and the created shapes of friar in various poses then you could appreciate some of the beautiful designs made on the walls and ceilings. Thankfully no pictures were allowed. But still….

And now we’re trying to dry out, but one of the most charming parts today was a ditty that Silas sang to me – “we’re happy to be here, but could do without the rain”. There’s always tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Susan Morris

    What fun to follow your adventures. Hopefully, the sun will shine or at least the clouds won’t drop water on you in the days to come.


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