To celebrate my grandson’s 10th birthday I decided we should mark the occasion with a momentous trip. While discussing where to go, he mentioned enjoying the Stanley Tucci show Searching for Italy. I had also watched it, enjoying all the places, people and food he highlighted. Seemed like the perfect place for us. His mom, Jayne, said she’d also like to travel there, so the plot was hatched. That was last May. Silas’s birthday was in September but holding off until his spring break seemed prudent. Now, after months of planning we’re taking off from Boston on the birthday adventure! We’ll begin in Rome then head off to Florence, where Auntie Gulgun will join us as we continue our travels to Cinque Terre, Pisa, Bologna and Venice. I hope you’ll come along virtually as I see Italy through my grandson’s eyes.

6 thoughts on “Italy!

  1. Lynn Hoyum

    How fun! We will be in Palermo in May. I love Italy, but be on the lookout for those thieving gypsies! They stole my purse in Florence not far from the train station! Stop for nothing! It’s quite the scam job!


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