After retiring from a career in the Navy I moved back to the Puget Sound area where I grew up, built a house and created a new life of relative ease.  I live in a gorgeous area, but I still feel there are many places in the world for me to see.  Yes, I traveled a great deal with the Navy and lived around the world, but other places and experiences are calling to me.  Now I’m beginning to check off those bucket list items.

You can see which spots I’ve traveled to since I began writing a few years back, with the initial blog about hiking the Camino Primitivo with my daughter.  She used to blog about her hikes but gave that up, so I’ve picked up the mantle.  With her help, I’ve established this blog and continue to try to make it easier to read and follow, if you’re so inclined.  The site makes it easy to register for email alerts for when I’ve posted, if you like to read the story on a regular basis as I go.  I try to write each day on a journey so it stays fresh in my mind.  I’ve just upgraded the site and my ability to write, as I’ve previously done everything on just my iPhone.  This upcoming trip will now include a portable keyboard!

I’m excited by the prospect of it all, including all the plotting and planning that goes into every trip.  I’ll be chronicling things as I go. And hopefully I’ll be able to share the adventures with you in this way.  Off we go!