Slieve League

It was a sleep in sort of morning. While the kids still slept I went down to the hostel kitchen for some coffee. There I met two middle aged brothers cycling parts of the Wild Atlantic Way. Not an easy thing to do considering there are no shoulders on the roads, the roads as I’ve mentioned are narrow and winding. They laughed when I commented on that and said that’s what makes it challenging and fun. After they departed I had the opportunity to chat with a history/geography teacher from Waterford. She was a great source of travel information. Eventually the kids showed up for breakfast and we sorted things out to start the day, with them making breakfast and lunch for all of us.

Our plan was mostly to visit Slieve League, clifffs located just to the west of here. Directions, google maps and data access was sketchy, We ended up on the bottom of a gravel road, where we had to park. We went through a sheep gate and walked up the road a ways. We had a beautiful view of the harbor where the town of Teelin lies. We soon realized that we were on the opposite side of the cliff ridge. After “baaing” with a few sheep along the way we headed back down the crazy road we drove up.

We found our way to the main view point of the cliffs, Bunglass Point, seeing a good number of cars and people, cluing us into being in the correct spot. We found a place to park and began heading out to see these famous cliffs. They are some of the highest in Europe, dropping over 600 meters. Amazingly, they are 3 times higher than the more famous Cliffs of Moher, which we shall visit in a few days. We looked out into Donegal Bay, with the waves crashing and the wind blowing. Fortunately the heavy rain from last night and this morning abated. I looked up and saw yet another rocky climb to reach the summit of the cliffs. We all headed up. The stones turned out to be well placed and acted more as steps, making it easier for me, giving me a bit of confidence as we progressed. Eventually I decided I had gone high enough and sat on a rock to take in the view while the kids headed all the way to the top. Of course, they did!

Once again on the road, basically surrounded by sheep in the fields, we found a shop called Glencolmcille woolen mill. In we went to investigate, happily finding some woven “newsboy” hats for Mandy and me. They will make a nice reminder of our time here.

Once we were all back at the car we headed to the beach at Silver Strand. What a gorgeous place! A beautiful bay, surrounded by cliffs with grazing sheep and a beautiful beach at the bottom. It only took 170 steps to reach it! It was definitely worth it. We had a lovely beach stroll, finding more shells for me to bring home. Climbing back up we decided it was time for an afternoon tea and coffee break. We found a little cafe just down the road, conveniently located.

On we went eventually finding yet another beach to view, then another shop next to a Folk Village museum. We thought that looked a bit cheesy so we simply got some postcards and stamps. But while viewing the local postcards we saw pictures of an interesting looking standing stone. We inquired about its location and learned that it was just up the road a tad near a church we could see. We found it easily.

After much mulling and checking other places, Kevin decided he wanted to return to the town of Andara, where we saw the weaving yesterday. It wasn’t far out of the way, so back we went. He was quite pleased to find the sweater he wanted that suited him perfecly. As we were there we decided to see if the heritage center was open. It was, so we popped in. It was a bit disappointing, being just some wall boards with information about spinning, weaving and knitting. But as they were setting up for some event we had to scurry a bit in our viewing. Still we learned that spinning was traditionally done by women and weaving by men. Interesting.

By then the time was getting on so we drove back to Killybegs and our accommodation. We cleaned up and went out for dinner and drinks. I can’t believe that I’m drinking beer!

6 thoughts on “Slieve League

  1. Lorene

    I’m with you sis, on sitting on the steps and opting out of those very high cliffs! Yikes!
    The beaches are beautiful though!
    I love the hats!
    The Irish beer looks good, Ben would approve!


  2. Roberta Hansen

    Bottoms up! There is a first time for everything. The beaches look wonderful. Your descriptions of the weather on the beaches remind me of staying on the Oregon coast beaches during late fall. Windy and some rain, but beautiful waves. I am looking forward to seeing your shell collection. Any rocks, agate, or beach glass sighted?


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