Heart to heart

While I still haven’t got totally on this time zone, I’m somehow functioning without as much sleep as usual. Must be that I’m just happy to be back in the land of some of the reportedly happiest people on earth.

Mid morning Birgitte drove me over to her mom, Inger’s apartment and left for work and appointments. But she had brought along fresh eggs from her own few chickens she has recently begun keeping in her backyard for us. We soft boiled them and had then along with rolls, pastry and of course, coffee. We sat at length and had a good catch up gabbing. Not as easy as it sounds as Inger does not speak English. It’s a good way to force me to not be lazy and revert to it, as most everyone here does speak it rather well. Google translate cane in handy a few times. In the afternoon we decided to go to the local mall for a bit of shopping and afternoon coffee. Birgitte once again came to help by driving us and Inger’s wheel chair over. She dropped us off to enjoy the time together. I can safely say there didn’t seem to be any issue with the Danish economy – people everywhere buying all kinds of things. Lines were long but no one seemed put out at all by them. And it’s not inexpensive here. I found a few things to bring home, figuring that somehow I’ll squeeze then in my bags or carry them separately. We had a great time looking at all the decorations and people watching while having coffee.

Eventually Michael, Birgitte’s husband and their youngest son, Kristian, came to get us taking us back to their home. Birgitte made us a fabulous dinner of a leek quiche and several salads, taking pity on this vegetarian. We ended with rice pudding with almonds and cherry compote. Yum! It’s been delightful being amongst such a lively, loving family with great discussions and much carrying on. Gracious doesn’t even begin to cover it.

After dinner they decided to try to teach me how to make some of the Danish Christmas hearts that are generally hung filled with sweet treats on the tree. I managed to make several of the easier variety while they made the difficult ones. Next year’s tree will look mighty festive!

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