A “hyggelig” day

This morning was the beginning of Christmas rushing, as Birgitte and her family were up and packing to head to Jutland (the main Danish peninsula). Life around a family of three teenage boys is certainly an eye opener for a woman who was raised with only sisters.


As they were finishing their trip preparations Birgitte drove me to her mom’s apartment, stopping along the way at a bakery. Now I like nothing more than that here – the smells, the sights, the tastes – they can’t be beat, but I miss the more mom and pop variety there used to be. Inger was up and ready for me, with the table set for breakfast. How welcoming is that?! It was the perfect day to just sit and talk, the two of us, as it was cold and windy and rather raw outside. But inside – nothing but warmth and hospitality and delightfulness. It’s what the Danes call being hyggelig. More and more I hear Americans trying to use the term, but somehow I don’t think they ever quite get the gist of it. In any case, we had it today. Breakfast led to lunch with asparagus soup and a wonderful chardonnay, followed by one of my favorite things, æbleskiver with powdered sugar and jam and a sweet wine to sip alomg with it. Not a bad day for a couple of old ladies. At least that’s what our grandson, Silas, called us the other day while we video chatted…. He saw the two of us together and said “you both look alike – you’re both old ladies!” Well!

Eventually it was time for me to head back to Vejle, so Susanne was kind enough to come get me and take me to the train station. Surprisingly, it was about 15 min late and was packed to the hilt. I was so glad that I had booked my seat even before I left the states. I heard that it was the busiest day to ride the trains here and I believe it was true.

Steen in his favorite chair

Steen was kindly waiting for me when I alighted from the crowded masses. How wonderful to return to his cozy, warm house. I love the picture he had recently blown up to a huge size to hang on his wall, showing the house he lived in for almost 60 years with him in one of his last sailboats out in front. Feels like coming home when I see it. We sat down to an easy dinner together and caught up on the past few days, sitting comfortably enjoying each other’s company.

The house is just to the left of the sail, with the red roof.

One thought on “A “hyggelig” day

  1. Lorene Hansen

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time with your Danish family! . I’m glad you took this trip to see them. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Love, Lorene


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