There are no eggs!

Since we knew we were going to have a relatively short day we decided to meet at 8 for breakfast at the restaurant connected with the albergue. We had checked out the menu the night before and were excited to find most items had eggs included. So imagine our disappointment when we tried to order just to hear that there were no eggs! The restaurant had totally run out of eggs. The poor waitress was a bit frustrated trying to explain that to a group of 6 English motorcyclists so she asked Mandy to assist. Which of course she did, finding out that they were a group of friends traveling around Spain. Plan B was whatever else that could provide. 

Then it was off for the day with mostly easy hiking or sauntering, which is really what going my pace tends to be especially with all the ascents. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery and people along the way. Which is truly one of the main reasons for walking the Camino. As well as what Mandy calls “walking meditation”, which is fairly easy on this route as there are far fewer perigrinos (pilgrims).

We took a slight side trip to see the monastery at Santa Maria de Obona. Begun in 784 and rebuilt in 1214 with the settlement of Tineo. We found an old picnic table near by which we decided was perfect for lunch.

Today’s walk was smooth going, albeit with a good amount of climbing. It was cloudy to start with but absolutely amazing once we climbed high enough to be above the clouds. The vastness of the view with the clear, sunny sky was delightful.

Eventually we came across an old gentleman sitting in a chair along side the path. Now for the most part I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the old guys who are always happy to respond with a smile when you greet them. But this guy had a different manner.  Started out chatty, though speaking Galaco, so Mandy had some difficulty understanding him. Finally it comes out that he’s lost his wife and needs another woman and seems  to think that I’m just the ticket! Won’t let go of my hand and wants kisses. Oh, boy. Once Mandy makes it clear that she needs her mom and we try to extricate ourselves, there still was no going. He got hold of her arm then grabbed her ass! Sheesh. She was not amused. She kept muttering about perverts and dirty old men while I just chuckled.

And now we’re enjoying pilgrim company over drinks while our wash dries on the line, thanks to Stephanie. Soon to stock up on food as tomorrow’s hike is to be the longest yet with no services. Hooping the feet hold up.

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