After our evening in the pub we all had a good night’s sleep, with the hostel surprisingly quiet. We had a light breakfast, packed up and rousted out the manager to pay for the rather hippie dippy hostel.

We were excited to get going as we were headed to Limerick to stay with friends from our Camino hike. We stopped along the way to get a few supplies and tried to buy some wine to take to our friends, only to be told that, no, we couldn’t purchase it until 1030. It was 0930. Say what?! The clerk said it had to do with the license. When I said that would make me a lousy house guest she said “You can blame it on Jenny”.

With the great directions and the Eire code we found their house in Patrickswell, Ballybronoge. We have so been looking forward to seeing Tony and Stephanie once again, after hiking with them for weeks in Spain. We turned into their long drive, drove up to the house and hopped out as soon as we saw them. Big, wonderful hugs all round! It was like being reunited with my Irish sister.

They ushered us inside, getting us settled and giving us coffee. Stephanie and Tony made us a delicious brunch, which we gladly ate while beginning to catch up.

Once finished Tony drove us all into Limerick to a brewery tour. There’s a new brewery that has begun here, Treaty City, the first started here in over a hundred years. Stephen gave us all the history of the building as well as the brewery. He was totally passionate about both. Even I tried 3 kinds, particularly liking the one that was very peppery.

From there we, along with two of their local friends, we walked around the city a bit, admiring the castle and the bridges over the River Shannon. The weather was lovely as we hit a number of their favorite pubs, even sitting outside for awhile. . Pint after pint was consumed, but all except Steph and me. We opted to wait until we got back to the house for G and T’s. Tony’s heavy handed pour was much appreciated while Stephanie prepared dinner. It’s hard to say just how happy we are to be here and be back with our dear friends. We sat up late into the night having a grand time together.

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