Christmas day! Actually, a very quiet, restful day. We slept in quite late and mosied around slowly making coffee and tea and a bit of breakfast. Afterwards Steen amused us by strumming some holiday tunes. He’s always enjoyed musuc and has played a number of instruments so it was fun to see his latest one which he said was a gift just a year ago.

Peter came over to have lunch of smørebrød with us, bringing some delicious fried herring and various spreads to go with it. We then drove over to his place so I could see the latest boats he’s building. He hand makes the most amazing wooden canoes and kayaks which really are works of art. We sat and talked over coffee about all the different hobbies we have, all things worked by hand.

Back to Steen’s for a light supper and watching a wonderful Christmas concert by a Danish girls choir on tv, while toasting ourselves and the holiday with various beverages. And excellent Christmas.

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