Africa – the next adventure

Africa map

The next journey on my bucket list is Africa.  Though I’ve been to the Horn of Africa twice, to Djibouti, with the Navy, it wasn’t exactly what you’d call trips of a lifetime. This one ought to be.  My friends, Darlene, from my Navy days, and Dana, from our cycling group, have been planning this trip for a year now.  We are headed to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.  With the help of Alisa from AAA we’ve plotted out a journey that will have us first fly to New York City, then on to Africa.  NYC, because Dana has never been there and she wanted to take advantage of the fact that we’d be flying out of there.  So, even though Dar and I have been there multiple times and done the tourist routine, we agreed to have another go at it all for her enjoyment.  And who knows?  It may lead to entirely new experiences there.

After three days in NYC we’ll be jetting off to Johannesburg, South Africa, then immediately down to Cape Town.  The journey will then take us back to Johannesburg, to Ezulwini for safari, up to Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls, then over to Botswana for an Okavango Delta safari.  We’ve got lots planned for the entire time, so while it won’t be the same as the Camino hike, it should be an interesting, lively journey.  I hope you’ll follow along with me.

And as they say on the Camino – Ultreia! Onward!

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