The coast of death

We have been enchanted with Muxía and the albergue where we are staying so decided to stay an extra day. The area has been known as the Coast of Death due to the many ship wrecks over the years, but is also known for all the conger eel fishing and drying still done in the old way.

We wandered out to the rocks, where the old lighthouse and church are located. We spent some time just sitting and watching the ocean and all the people coming to do the same. Wandering back we stopped for drinks and a snack them back to our room.

After a great sleep in we finally got up to see Leo off, as he began ending his way back home to Switzerland. One more pilgrim on his way. Gladys had already gone off to Morocco. Chris went back to Belgium. Simon off to the last summer camp before heading to university. Connor off to Greece. And this is our last full day with Tony and Stephanie.

We strolled through town, had a coffee, found a little local craft event where I saw women not only knitting but making intricate bobbin lace. Not even I would attempt that, then to the beach for a dip in the Atlantic. Cold and brisk. I was the self-designated valuables watcher while the others took their dip. Good excuse for me to just wade. We then decided to have a big lunch, where I finally got to try the local Eel. Delicious. By then the food and heat of the day made us all drowsy so we determined that when in Spain…. So it was siesta time.

Evening found us back on the rocks for sunset, enjoying the view before we begin walking back to Santiago.

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