South Africa!

We were up early to meet our arranged driver to get back to JFK. A bumpy ride balancing our morning coffee ensued but we arrived in a timely fashion, easily got checked in and through security. Plenty of time for breakfast before boarding. And then it was off on the 15 hour flight (flight  #3) to Johannesburg. Four movies, including the apropos United Kingdom about Botswana, and a wee bit of sleeping later we arrived. The O. R. Rambo airport is huge but well signed and organized and with just two hours between landing and taking off again we managed to get through immigration, collect our bags, go through customs with nothing to declare and recheck our bags. Checked in for the flight to Cape Town and boarded immediately. 

The flight (#4) went quickly, being just 2 hours, most of which I dozed through. Happily not only were our bags there but our driver was as well. Jeremy took our bags and had us follow along to the van, then gave us a small intro to the city as he drove us to our hotel. A beautiful place in which we have a lovely 2 bedroom/ 2 bath suite. This is the life! We got settled in then took off on foot to explore the waterfront area. It’s home to many restaurants and shops with a good crowd enjoying the pleasant evening. We ate at a place with South African cuisine, which we thought would be a good intro to the next few weeks. Food was delicious, plus we were able to sit outside and people watch and eye the boats coming in and out of the harbour. We were charmed on the walk out to pass a band of primarily xylophone players. But even better was this young girl, who looked to be about three, standing right up next to them swaying and dancing right along. Then the musicians invited her to come up to play with them — she, and the audience were thrilled.

Back to the hotel so we could have an early evening of it…. Especially needed as I keep dozing off while writing this.

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